I have been toying with this idea for some time – starting a clothing business. Sewing is one of my passions. However, I have always wondered whether I would ever be able to become a professional seamstress, or whether this will just stay as my hobby. I know that if I had nine lives I would definitely be able to become a professional. One life a teacher, second life a seamstress, third life a realtor. But we only have one life. So the question is, would I be aver able to have a sewing business where I would be the main person to be responsible for everything – sewing, selling, marketing, designing? In a small business, particularly a home-based business, or a mom and pop shop, one person, that is the owner, has to do and does everything.

Well, if I ever were to start a business in sewing I would have to learn about it a bit. My thought a few years ago was to gain experience working in a small enterprise, to learn the trade, and then to start off on my own. I was able to work for a few weeks as a professional seamstress, and I found it hard for me to do, primarily because I wasn’t very good at it. I think I would love to be able to design and sew my own clothing, and sell the items, but I am not sure I am ready just as yet. I still have a lot to learn!

I got to read a book today about starting a high fashion design and clothing business. The author Ian Leaf gets into some of the details that surround this adventure. I think for me everything about this business will be new and exciting, as well as stressful, so I will take any advice! Ian Leaf in this book talks about the pitfalls and advantages of starting this business, and navigating through by-laws, giving great ideas what to do and not to do on the road to opening a new fashion business. This book will be most useful to people who have never had such a business before, and are looking for ideas on how to start the adventure, and maybe be motivated to start. I have read the book in paperback as this is my preferred book format, but I think this book would actually be more suitable as an electronic book as it is quite thin, and would not take too long to read electronically.

I have liked the book, but I think there is still a lot to learn, especially in the department of product creation. I hope to read many more books in the next few years about crafts and sewing, and maybe open a business at some point, as it stands I still have a lot to learn.

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