Some great things can come your way when you least expect them. What am I talking about? Well, for starters, we all need to know our purpose in life, and what we are trying to achieve. It is easy to say that it is common knowledge, very simple stuff, but this is something that is the most important key issue, that we have to think about, when we are trying to decide our next life moves.

Is it better to be miserable and do something that you really don’t like doing? Or, is it better to, possibly, set up some goals for yourself, and happily try to go towards them? Are you going to be really happy doing something that you hate, when it doesn’t take a long time to change and switch, and do something exciting for yourself, that you have always wanted to do, but were never truly able to do?

I think the best way to go about it is to try to see what lies ahead, and try to figure out if this is something that you have always wanted to do, or it is something that you are doing out of necessity, and not at all out of your own wish.

What am I talking about? Well, I think that when it comes to the issue of having a career in today’s world, people have to seriously think about what they want. Do they want to work 16 hours a day? Do they want to work 16 hours a day for a company that is not nice to them, and is trying to ultimately enrich the shareholders? Do they feel like being slaves to someone’s rules and procedures, that they don’t agree with, but have to follow anyway? Why not try and build your own world, that will play by your own rules? If you have a great skill that you possess, you most certainly have to open your own business. If you don’t think you have a skill, you should make a list of things that you can do, and it will help you to realize where your potential is, and act towards achieving it.

For us, we have realized that we have to follow a dream of ours, where we want to spend as much time with our family, as we can, and not have to plug in the hours at an office somewhere without getting to see your family at all.

So, our run has started a few years ago, and we are still getting there. There are a few things that we will discuss in the following posts that can give us a good idea on how to enjoy life without having to work endless hours at the office, without stressing yourself too much, and trying to enjoy your existence, for once.

For now, write down the goals that you have for yourself, and let’s move on to the next post, where we will discuss them. See you there!

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