Got my first Influenster VoxBox today.
It was full of free products I couldn’t even believe it!
Here is what I have got:
– $1.00 off coupon for imPress Broadway Manicure
– Ivory soap bar – was just in need of a new bar of soap – such perfect timing, already started using it!
– Stash tea Superfruits tea sampler – 6 flavors – WOW, amazing, can’t wait to try!
– a set of Press-on manicure from imPress, nice purple color
– Soft baked oatmeal cookie from Quaker – I think I will share it with my kids and try a piece of it with my first cup of Stash tea
– $1.00 off a pack of Stash tea and 15% off coupon off your purchase of $25 or more online. I think I will use it when I run out of my tea supply just in a regular store – seems a bit easier for me for now
– 6 Dentek flossers – 2 packs, one Fun Flossers and Comfort Cleari flossers, the packages also have $1.00 + $1.00 off coupons on them
– 2 packs of Nektar naturally sweet honey crystals. Have no idea what that is, but can’t wait to try it, I am sure it’ll taste great!
– Lingo Dino language courses for kids – a demo DVD. Now this course costs $99 dollars for a full course, and we already have some language courses that we have purchased, so I am not sure if I am going to use this particular deal even if I love the course, but it is still a great product try none the less!

Now, this is it for now, I am off to try out these products now, and will start with the soap, feels like I got clammy hands from all this typing here!

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