Hello, this is going to be my first review I am planning to write about some free products I have received this past couple of months.
The first product I would like to review is some pork coupons I got in the mail. In that same package I got some great freebies like a meat thermometer, and a baster that I have already used when I cooked those pork chops bought with the help of the coupons I received.
I normally don’t buy a lot of pork, but this month I was really inspired to purchase some chops and even some tenderloins. I like to just simply fry up the chops or grill them, and we eat them with barbecue sauce. I make pulled pork dishes out of the tenderloins and I usually use my slow cooker for that.
I think that pork is one of the best meat summer dishes and I will be posting my recipes I have used shortly to illustrate what exactly I do with my pork I buy.
I recommend pork to everybody, and while this is not necessary the best meat type out there since it’s quite fatty, it creates a different menu choice that is certainly enjoyable.
Trim the fat as much as you can, and you are all set!
– Note – I am a Bzzagent, and I have received product coupons and some other items in the box for free.

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