Hello, readers!
Today I am going to review some cosmetics that I have received this past week.
I got a Neutrogena cosmetics kit from Bzzagent. I have received these items for free for them for the sole purpose of talking about the products and telling them my opinion of them. So far I have tried their color stick. Now the company figured everyone in the world knows what “a color stick” is used for, but frankly it took me a bit of time to figure that out. Some women use rouge for cheeks that tends to be reddish sort of color as well, so a word combination “a color stick” doesn’t necessarily gets automatically associated with lips in my mind. I figured that the consistency of the stick seems more similar to a lipstick, so I applied it to my lips. Looked good. The taste was so-so, but I think this brand is a grocery store and a pharmacy brand, and is generally in a low cost variety, so I think it’s fine. The lips don’t get too sticky, like with a regular lip gloss, but at the same time the color doesn’t seem to be as penetrating as a regular lip stick.
I don’s think that I would be interested in purchasing this product myself, because I prefer department store brands or just simple flavored lip gloss, but it is a product that is pretty in color that I got anyway, and it could work with most every style and purpose – work wear, going out, celebration or usual everyday lip care, so I would recommend it to someone who wants a quick color without having to pay half of a month’s salary for it.
I have also received Neutrogena eye shadows and mascara, but that I will either try later or gift to someone – not sure who yet.
Let me know what you think in your comments.
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