Just an update how the business is going…
Haven’t been writing a lot in the blog lately due to various events happening in the family, which is the usual reason why people don’t post much, I guess….
So, where do I start?
I will start right there, where I am now.
Had a stillbirth in October 2012, and have been recovering from that, I guess.
Everyone has been very supportive, but it is not an easy thing to overcome.
Anyway, we have a lot of our plate, had two surgeries in the last little while, but we are surviving as a family unit.
We have hired a Belorussian programmer to help us with our company projects and are also trying to slowly advance there.
Two months ago we have purchased an investment property around where we live and will be making a few dollars here and there on it, most importantly creating some retirement capital for ourselves and our whole family.
Other than the health issues everything has been going rather smoothly lately and everyone is dealing with their load well.
As always – let me know what you think, cheers!

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