Success doesn’t come to people in one day.
First, you have to have a good idea of what you want to do. Now, this can be your professional occupation, or your dream activity. My mother was an engineer but was really able to realize her potential as a baker. This was what she wanted to do with her life, and she had fun with it.

The road to finding this money-making idea can be the most difficult one to take. Sometimes it can translate into years and years of learning a trade in various schools and courses, investing a ton of money, and not necessarily succeeding in the end. Sometimes it can be not investing a lot of money, but investing your time, trying to catch that dream you have, and we only have so much time on earth to live.
My recommendation is to try and maximize your return – it’s all about money, always.
What is it that you can do that can bring you a ton of money? Is catching your dream idea going to make you rich? Because if it’s not, all you’ll be doing is trying to catch that dream, and you’ll never be able to keep up with it, you will spend most of your time on your way there, and then you’ll be dissatisfied because you have to keep up with two more jobs you don’t like, while trying to catch your dream.

I think that finding your dream has to do with answering one question – what is it that I can do so that I would be able to make the most money doing and spend the shortest amount of time preparing for? Of course, if your calling is being a surgeon, a rocket scientist, or a certified professional, you can spend years studying and spending a lot of time learning the profession, but is it really what you want to do?

Then, once you have chosen what you want to do, create, sell, discover, or what service you want to provide, you can start with getting this goal realized by teaching yourself the tricks of the trade, and learning how to achieve success in building your wealth.

My mother always likes to say that success in business is often dependent on how much investment you want to put into it. Numerous are her stories about how much this or that individual invested into their business to start it up, and that without good start-up capital there is nowhere you can go. I beg to disagree. I think that unless you are born into money, you will not have a lot of money at the beginning. All you will have is your idea. Now, you can write up a good business plan and approach a bank to raise money for the project, but then you are stuck paying the interest without even having started actually working. Unless your business is guaranteed to produce large profits, this is a dangerous road to take, a lot of businesses don’t survive so well, when they borrow money like that.
A good way to do it is to start small without owing a ton of people a ton of money, so try to not get into debt, if possible.

Which is my recipe for success, personally? I choose what I like doing, and try to achieve it one step a day.
Today I have two goals – learn how to drive, and teach myself how to be a house broker.
I think both of those tasks will take me up till the end of the summer to achieve.
Here is what I’ll do – I’ll set up two goals here, and see how I can manage –
Learn how to drive –
1) Have to pass the theory exam
2) Have to study for the driving exam
3) Have to pass the driving test

Learn to be a broker
1) Study the theory – 90 hours of classes
2) Pass the exam

Off I go!

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