New product for me that I want to review here is Nescafe Memento product that I got. I received this product through BzzAgent that I have signed up with. 

I go a cup of Caramel Latte made today, and it tastes so good.
What is great about it, is that the taste is not compromised, though it’s an instant drink. I love the foam on top of the cup – and it looks stunning, too. 
I do have a coffee machine at home, that I use every day, but if I make a coffee out of this mix, it’s one step fewer that I need to do in the morning, just boil the water and it’s over and done with it. I do love my saved minute of time and I am lazy, so it’s a winner for me for now. 
I have several flavors at home, like Mocha, Caramel Latte, cappuccino. They all taste great and my favorite so far is latte.
Well, this was my cup of coffee for today, let me know what’s brewing in your kitchen!

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