Today we shopped at Top Food and Drug store. We bought 2 cards for teacher appreciation week for our kids’ teachers at school. We also got some food. What I want to do is to attempt to plan my week and use this blog to post what my plan is and then have some responsibility to actually do what I have planned. I tend to be lazy and slack a lot, and that’s never helpful. Here is the list of what we bought
Torani Vanilla syrup for my coffee $7.99
Kashi Peanut Butter bars for my kid’s lunch boxes, will last about 4 days $4.99
Cardini Asian dressing for salads – very delicious $2.99
New cookies – lemony and cinnamony, have never tried before $5.59+$5.59
Puff cereal $3.29
We used a coupon for this transaction for $5 off, otherwise it would just be a total robbery – very expensive.

We did the second transaction –
Bought 2 Triscuits 2*$3.99
Haggen Cheddar cheese $4.99
Oscar Mayer turkey $3.99
Parmesan cheese $5.00
Ground beef patties $4.67
Havarti sliced cheese $5.99
Plastic straws $2.29
Unsalted Matzo $4.69
2 mangos $2.00
postcards and gift cards
Organic food left
2 apples
2 oranges
1 head of leaf lettuce
1/2 bad of mushrooms
1 bunch kale
1 bag spinach
2 red beets
2 lemons
List of dinners for the next week
Thursday – Chicken mango curry and rice, spinach, lettuce based salad
Friday – burgers with potato salad, fried mushrooms, kale dish, beet salad
Saturday – 
Lunch – mac and cheese, leftovers
Dinner – will make an Asian dish with Tofu, rice, leftover vegetables
Sunday –
Lunch – grilled cheese sandwiches, fruits
Dinner – Guinea hen, soup with egg noodles, boiled peas and mashed potatoes

Will need to do more shopping after Sunday.

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