Today I have got a few minutes to write a post here. We have been living in the United States for more than 2 years now, but we haven’t been able to build up on our family business, or improve our savings habits by using more coupons. I think that the main reason to that is that I am not planning anything that well. We go out to places we don’t have coupons for, or leave our coupons at home. Every grocery shopping is done in such a rush, and I don’t have a good plan that I don’t get to use any coupons at all. Those rare occasions when I do use coupons I only save about 10 dollars. There is something totally wrong about what I do and how I try to go about it.

Let it be a new week. Let us plan our meals and outings trying to use as many savings deals as we can.
I want to start making meal plans that I will be able to complete and not go off course because of no time, other commitments or plain laziness. I have to try harder for sure.

I have bought the following food today at QFC. My plan is to plan my meals for the week using these items:
– chips and salsa
– Ritz crackers
– white wine and red wine
– mustard
– baby kale
– superpretzels (2 packs)
– chicken carcass for soup
– sausage 2 packs
– ice-cream
– Clif bars (2)
– shredded cheddar cheese
– rooibos tea
– 2 Lunchables
– spinach
– tomatoes
minced meat
– chicken wings
– onions
– frozen peas
– butter
– coffee
– 2 steaks
– cauliflower
– bananas
– celery
– strawberries
– broccoli
– apples (3 left)
– grapes

Based on these purchases, this is what I can make this week: chips and salsa snacks, Ritz crackers snacks, baby kale salad, make chicken soup, serve it with superpretzels, I have got sausage, Clif bars as snacks, 2 Lunchables lunches for the kids, chicken wings dish from low-carb book, smth with cauliflower, Waldorf salad?

Here is my plan for the week:
Sunday –
1) Lunch – leftovers, sandwiches with chicken, lunchables
minced meat – ground beef dish CH, can be served with mac and cheese
2) Dinner
1. Sausage Lentil soup – use sausage
2. Vegetable frittata – use broccoli, cheese
3. simmered Russian kale
4. creamed peas and carrots – use carrots, peas
5. Israeli couscous

1) Lunch – leftovers
2) Dinner –
1. Fried chicken breasts
2. baby kale salad
3. vegetable coconut stew – use cauliflower, tomatoes (will need green beans) p. 113 paleo cooking
4. rice

1) Lunch – leftovers
2) Dinner –
1. Devil chicken wings from low carb cookbook
2. fried rice – use rice from yesterday, peas, corn, egg
3. chicken and egg salad – use chicken and boiled eggs
4. (need vegetable)

Dinner – watchdog pizza at the school – I eat leftovers
(make chicken broth today)

Dinner – curriculum night
Dinner will be late due to classes at dancing till 7, have to cook something a day in advance and reheat
ideas here???

Friday –
steaks, vegetables and carbs to be determined….

lunch – out
Dinner –
pizza and chicken soup – use mozzarella cheese, pepperoni (will need to find a recipe for the dough, and plan ahead about 2 hours ahead to start cooking – 4pm)

Lunch- out
Dinner – ? should go to the market either on Friday or on Sunday to pick up more food for Sunday and the next week.

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