Hello, back to my blogging. Really trying this time. I have so much to share.

First, we have decided to work on homesteading. I have to learn the skills that are generally used by people who are self-sufficient. There are a lot of thngs I already know how to do, now I have very little left to learn, but it will still be taking up most of my days.
Lately I have started learning how to make my own yarn. This is the process that I have never even thought of in the past but now I am quite into it actually.  have purchased my own Ashford spinning wheel on craigslist and am now practicing and honing my spinning skills. I have also purchased a lot of practice roving.
Making yarn is the step before knitting. I know what to do with the yarn that you can buy all colored and ready to knit in stores, and now I am going one step backwards to learn how to actually produce yarn.
There is not that much to learn but this step basically has two parts – learning spinning and learning how to color your yarn.
I am working on the spinning technique for now. You can spin with a hand-held spindle or with a spinning wheel. The spinning wheel technique is much faster than a spindle, and it is recommended by those who know how to do it.
I will be postng some pictures online of my crafts into this blog so tune in

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