This year is the year after Frozen so having two daughters with one called Anna and the other calling herself a.k.a. Elsa, it is clear that our costumes are decided at least in terms of Elsa. I purchased one dress on ebay, it is a great place to find costumes that are otherwise hard to find. I have tried going to Disney store we have here in Bellevue, because the closest Disney store to where we live (Lynnwood) closed down for some reason, and there were no Elsa costumes there, of course. Then I saw Anna costumes at Costco the other day, but no Elsa. So, I bought it on ebay with some of the money I had on paypal. I like buying on ebay, because it is often cheaper than buying in stores, and sometimes cheaper than on amazon.
The other daughter is going for another ebay purchased costume from Ever After high, but that hasn’t arrived yet in mail.
What are the costumes your kids are picking for this year?

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