I would like to start planning out our meals for the week based on what we receive in our vegetable delivery. Planning out meals has been a bit difficult for me because I am not very disciplined, very forgetful, and end up not doing a lot of things I tend to plan. I will try again. Our road to homesteading is definitely going through savings and trying to spend less on food.
Here are the contents of my vegetable delivery basket –
1.5 lbs of yellow gold potatoes – Dinner Tuesday
1 apple – lunch bags
4 corn – dinner Wednesday
4 pears – pie or jam – TO CAN
1 cucumber – salads – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
2 avocados – salads – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
1 lb of green beans – dinner Tuesday, Wednesday
2 peaches – pie or can
1/2 a pack of cherry tomatoes – salads Tuesday
1 bunch green kale – dinner Thursday
1 bunch fennel – dinner Thursday

As for the freebies I have received a box of Beechnut baby food to try with my group of mothers as a sample product. I think this is one of the better options for babies on the go as they claim it is inspired by homemade food. Sometimes when you are in the middle of a mall, it is much easier to open a can of jarred food than reheat homemade though it is also doable. My baby is still a couple months away from eating solid food so we’ll wait with her on that.

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