This was a busy week – the kids started their school. We are full into canning, and got a pressure canner now. My husband made chili – about 8 cans – and we are planning to go to a farm on the weekend. Purchasing food on a farm is much cheaper than in a store, or even at the market. You-pick farms are very conveniently closely located to where we live, so hopefully this weekend we will be working on perfecting canning techniques and checking out new recipes.
I think we will pick out recipes on Saturday depending on the veggies we find at the farm.

As for my signups, I am waiting for several bzzagent deliveries that I have signed up for. These are campaigns that you have to qualify for, get an invite, and then participate by trying out products for free. The coming up campaigns that I am waiting for are –
Private Selection by QFC products that include

  • A bag of Private Selection Tortilla Chips
  • A jar of Private Selection Salsa
  • A can of Private Selection Snack Nuts
  • A FREE coupon for Private Selection Frozen Fruit (12–16 oz., any variety)
  • A FREE coupon for Private Selection Bacon (12–20 oz., any variety)
  • A FREE coupon for a Private Selection 9” Fruit or Crème Pie (any variety, from the Bakery department)
  • Tons of pass-along coupons for fellow QFC shoppers
Arla Dofino cheeses is another campaign I am waiting for – I should be getting free cheese!
iRobot Roomba 870 – I am supposed to be getting a 30% discount coupon soon. 
Another campaign is for Paula’s Choice Resist C15 Super Booster –   
  • Samples of Paula’s Choice Resist C15 Super Booster
  • Pass along coupons for 20% off Paula’s Choice Products
  • 20 Beauty Myths Busted books to share with friends and family
  • Paula’s Choice catalog
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