This past weekend we have been pretty busy.
On Saturday we went to Picture People. This was our first experience there, and I actually really liked it. This location has pretty bad reviews on Yelp, and we were a bit wary of it. I purchased a Groupon deal for 13 something dollars worth 16 dollars otherwise of 8 sheets of prints of one pose, and I thought it would be a good deal to use up. When we got there the girl attendant taking pictures was very nice, and tried to accommodate us as best she could granted we had a crying baby. Finally, we got some pictures of the baby done, and had to wait a bit to choose. When we started deciding we were offered a deal to become members of their Picture People club and t worked out quite well in terms of the pricing, as we were able to get one more pose printed just for 8 dollars extra on 2 sheets. In the end I paid 53 dollars for the membership and now we can have more seatings with pictures done next month.

Then in the afternoon after lunch we went to a pick your own farm. We got a lot of veggies for eating and canning. We got lots of beets, kale, Swiss chard, cucumbers, dill, potatoes, zucchinis and beans. We paid only 23 dollars for big 6 bags of stuff. It was a really nice experience, and took us about 1.5 hours of picking. It is a great way to eat better food, save money on food, work out and exercise in fresh air outside, and enjoy a cheap activity with the family.

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