One of the websites I check out every day now is called Listia. It is very similar to ebay as people use Listia to sell old or new things they don’t need. The difference is they use points instead of actual money, however, points can be purchased with money as well. It is often used to list garage sale type things or things you don’t need anymore, so it doesn’t really have high end items. It is more of a thrift store online model. Points are easy to accumulate by doing surveys, filling out forms, purchasing various offers online, or watching videos. You can also sell stuff you don’t need to get your points. One disadvantage I find is that you cannot really take the money out of Listia, so whatever you accumulate you pretty much have to spend on Listia itself. I find it is easy to get enough points, and easy to list items there, so I am using it a lot, and am recommending it as well. Check it out!

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