Today was quite uneventful for me – tried to get everything sorted out. Had to finish some writing sample, did that, and now have to check over it which will take me 2 more days I think. Been taking care of the baby for the most part of the day. The baby said Sasa while looking at the pictures of her sister which is a new word for her. She already can sort of say Mmmmm, dadadada, neah, hi sometimes. Every day she is learning something new, it is such a joy to watch her! Tomorrow is her 9 month’s appointment for new vaccinations – she is growing too fast!

The older kids are busy with their school and everything now, everything is going well there, and they are staying busy. I like it when kids are busy, keeps their mind occupied.

Now to my other events of the day. I have been reading Facebook a bit today. Kinda got me a bit sad. One parent from the girls’ school thinks she has thyroid cancer – don’t quite know what that is, but imagine not something pleasant, so that got me a bit sad. Then there is another kid who is in a hospital now after battling cancer, and while his cancer is at bay at the moment, he is struggling with a lung infection, and will keep up worried about him, but hopefully will get better soon.

We are starting to rMartha Stewart Livingeceive a lot of mail at home now, I got my new first issue of Martha Stewart’s Living today. I was excited to read it, I thought that the colors of the magazine are very nice, but the recipes read kinda meah… Not sure if I am interested in them. I will try to make a post about the magazine tomorrow separately, but I just thought that I will probably keep the magazine more for projects or cutting out something for collage for the kids, or play time. Not too crazy about this issue anyway. Looks more like a coffee table colorful flyer or something, not too useful for me. I am not into gardening at all at the moment, so some of the advice that Martha gives there just doesn’t make a difference for me now. However, if you are interested in this magazine, here is the link to sign up!
Martha Stewart Living

I have also received a postcard (finally!) from Smiley360 for a new product trial program – to go to a SleepNumber store and ask about their technology. I have never been to this store before, so I am genuinely interested in learning what kind of system they use for those mattresses. I will try to get to their store this next weekend.

We are also starting Girl Scout cookie sales this coming week. And I am the cookie mother this year – again! This is my third attempt, and I have already made some gaffes by registering for the wrong stores not in our area – me dummy! Check us out in Bothell-Mill Creek area with our cookies if you are in our neck of the woods!

My husband started to receive a lot of catalogs for fancy clothing, but we just throw them out for now – we have everything we need, really! The shopping options that are trying to attack us are driving me crazy!

No more samples today so far! And it is already tomorrow, so I better go to bed! A-bientot!


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