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Visited the Sleep number store today. After I have told the associate about the Smiley mission, she became sort of not very nice as she figured I am not going to be buying anything there, just talking and asking questions. I was genuinely interested in the technology as I don't know anything about it, and while my mattresses are good for now, you never know when I might decide to get new mattresses. I thought that the associate was a bit not too happy to see me as a customer, and while answering all the questions thoroughly, she was maybe tired, or didn't care whether I would buy or what opinion I would have of her store. The store did not have any catalogs available, and I only got a one page flyer with the pricing. The price structure seems confusing, and she told me the set costs 2800 for a king size, while the flyer that I picked up says the beds are almost 10000 for king size. The prices are not clearly visible in the store, and it is not clear what each part they are selling is. I know what a box spring is, I don't know what a "set" means in their language. The technology is very nice, not too complicated, but the pricing is pretty expensive for me. It was nice to learn a bit more than what I knew before about this technology. 
Through this trip to the mall and studying the Sleep Number technology I will be getting a free pillow - courtesy of Smiley360 

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