For tonight I am planning to make meatballs out of my ground beef. Then I will make some kasha, brussel sprouts and zucchini baked, fried rice with egg, chicken and vegetables, guacamole dip, frozen chicken patties, spinach and avocado salad. While that seems like a lot of food, my goal is to get everyone in the family fed with something nutritious, as well as get rid of some of the leftovers.

I have leftover rice and that together with chicken and some leftover pork will be going into the fried rice dish. I have brussel sprouts and zucchini and that is my vegetable option for the dinner. I have to get my kids fed, and they are so fussy that I have to resort to chicken patties, fried rice, and plain spinach to get them to eat at least something – they are hard to please.

For tomorrow I am planning to make fresh pork side and beans. I still have to soak my beans. I soak beans overnight, and I find that is an easy way to get them ready for dinner faster. I also have quite a bit of fresh side of pork that was not smoked, and I use it in various bean-based stews, so that will be good. I think I should probably get some squash ready as well, as I have one squash that looks like it is going to go bad soon.

Here are some of the recipes I will probably use:

Recipe for fresh belly

 Brussel sprouts and zucchini baked

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