Well, today is the International Women’s Day, which we are planning to celebrate today with a slow-cooked beef stew, some fresh Swiss chard, and roasted potatoes probably. This is our evening plan. The International Women’s Day is not greatly celebrated in America, and since we are trying to cut down our budget, we are not going out, but eating in.

Lately we have been eating in a lot. Firstly, it has become almost prohibitively expensive for us to go out. Our older daughter tends to order now from the adult menu a lot, so we are spending 3 times adult food, plus drinks usually, plus dessert usually, plus sometimes we get appetizers as well. Our middle daughter is still eating from the kids’ menu, and the little one eats only baby food – so that helps. Yet, we get really inspired by various cooking shows we watch, and that helps in getting the dinner ready.

The cooking shows that we are watching are available to us through Sling TV. We do not own cable, or any satellite dishes for that. You can purchase a Sling TV stick, and then their membership for about 60 dollars a year, and enjoy all the great channels there any time of the day, in any order, either realtime streaming or rewind to watch shows from the past week. I love it! We watch a lot of shows for pennies, I don’t feel guilty about the money spent on TV, and get greatly inspired to cook meals at home! Helps me to save money ultimately!


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