Today is March 9, 2015. I have decided to come up with some goals for the rest of the year for me.

I have to talk about myself a bit. I am a stay-at-home mother at the moment. We live on one salary, and my goal is to try to work with our monthly food budget to help us get by. We have a large mortgage, utilities bills, and monthly food expenses that we are trying to reduce. Every month something unexpected happens where we need to pay a lot of money all at once and we haven’t budgeted for it. I have to reduce our monthly food and entertainment costs to be able to meet the expenses and not to go over our budget.

Our monthly food expenses are extremely high at the moment, and I am not quite sure why. I am going to try to make some goals for the next few weeks/months to be able to tackle our expenses and reduce them.

– Try to stick to 1000 a month on food expense. At the moment our food costs us about 2000 a month. I include all grocery and pharmacy shopping, cleaning products here as well.

– Eat most of the meals at home as a family except maybe 1 meal on the weekend. My husband is still eating out a lot for lunch but I cannot work well with that since he is in a rush for work.

– I have to finish my taxes by the end of March. This is a challenge this year since I have a small baby and don’t get a lot of office time to get this done.

– We have to sell some stuff that we have. We have a 3-d printer, a tv system that we don’t need – we have to try to sell those.

– I would like to sign up for 3 subscription services. I find they save my time in the kitchen and shopping time. I also find subscription boxes don’t cost a lot of money, and save you some time during the day for other things. At the moment I subscribe to once a week organic basket delivery, and dairy product delivery.

– I would learn how to cook properly this year. I often cut corners, and we end up not eating proper food as a family. I don’t like to eat salsa baked chicken breast, or tacos half the time. The trick is to learn to cook proper gourmet meals, that will cost you very little, but will taste great!

– I would love to be able to sign my kids up for activities next year. They usually go to dancing classes, but I don’t think we can afford this next year.

I will revisit this post and tweak it, or update on my goals as they are coming up.

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