This week I am wrapping up my Girl Scout cookie sales. We have not been super lucky the past week with the sales, so I will have quite a bit of inventory to move at the end of the week.

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling well, unfortunately. We ended up getting pizza for dinner because I couldn’t even get out of bed. I might have caught a cold or something. I am feeling a bit better today. I think maybe I just need some sleep.

I have signed up for a sample today from Equate. Also signed up for a free Red Box movie rental if you text MOVIE to 727272. I haven’t rented from Red Box lately, so that will be a treat on the weekend to watch something.

Goals for this week –

– Sign up for Fiverr. I have actually signed up but haven’t started selling or buying anything there yet – I should. I will try it out this week. I just have to get a decent picture of myself on my camera and I will be all set. I think I could make five bucks here and there through them – I will try!

– I have to continue with my meal planning this week to use up all of my vegetables, and frozen meat. I have been slacking lately, and just plainly didn’t have time for it. I have to get more organized this week, and I promise to publish the meal planning at the end of the week.

– I have to make a video today for a new website I found! I am going to review what I have received in my first subscription box. I will publish it here once I have it filmed.

– I have to book an appointment for our eye exams, call a utility company, fill out some forms to get money back for healthcare services, and figure out some passport application forms today. This has been on my table for long enough. I also have to do at least 2 more loads of laundry and 2 more loads of dishwashing today. You will say that this would be the time to do it now, instead of typing it all up here, but my baby is asleep right now in my bed, and as I can’t leave her alone, I have to wait for her to wake up to start on my chores. Now I am catching up on the paperwork and computer gigs I have to work on.

– This week I have to start doing my taxes. The taxes will take me about 3 weeks to do, so it should all be ready by April I hope. The reason it takes so long is that I can only work when my baby is asleep during the day or at night, and I get so tired throughout the day that I only stay up late half the time, so I only really get about 15 nights and some days to do the work, and I work for about 1-2 hours at night only. That is why it takes me a long time to do a seemingly quick job of taxes.

– I have to keep working on the outfit for the baby I have been knitting. It has been taking longer than I have planned. Maybe I am out of shape for knitting or something, and I clearly don’t have a lot of free time.

– I have to work on cleaning our bedroom this week. This will be my first cleaning project I will tackle. I hope that in about 2 weeks I will have cleaned the whole house so that my kids can have a couple of play dates during their spring break. (almost wrote brake for some reason. 🙂

baby sleeping

baby sleeping

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