I hope this post will be motivational for me and for my readers. I have been lacking motivation to write lately, or to do anything for that matter. I find I get quite tired with the daily routine that comes with having 3 kids, and then when I have to stay up to do little itty-bitty work projects, or something huge like taxes, I just don’t have any more will power for writing my blog. Every time it is the same ordeal – what do I write about? Is anybody even reading this anyway? Respond in comments if you are reading!

Anyway – here is the motivational piece (cause the first paragraph was clearly not it). I have finished this year’s taxes! Early! I have been into a lot of money savings little projects and events, and I know it will all pay off! Stay tuned for fun posts about what I have got over the past two weeks! I have received a lot of shipments of free or almost free products! I have snagged a lot of freebies at events! I can’t wait to share! Stay tuned – stay tuned!

Now that the taxes are done, here is my plan for posts and projects –

– do two evenings and 2 days of knitting

– write about my trip to Veg fest Seattle, shopping trips on the weekend (Annie’s, free Victoria Secret, free Bath and Body works)

– mail leftover taxes filled

– start working on more tax forms which are due in June – will take me appr 2-3 nights to do that

– make a meal plan for a week – I have been behind in that as well (grilling season – here we come!)

– make a post about egg coloring for Easter.


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