This past week was full of work and shopping. My goal this year is to organize myself, while taking care of a baby, and two older girls to try to function as a fun having family, while still staying in the budget.

I like my girls to stay busy during the school year, and I always fill their days with fun activities, either with their peers through girl scouts, or going to various sports activities, as well as music and having fun with the family at the same time as well. Lately it has been increasingly difficult to keep them working towards getting school work done, as well as having fun with various activities. The activities that we are doing this year take up too much time, and it impacts the girls’ school performance. Right now I have to decide whether to re-sign them up again for the new session of gymnastics that they have just finished, and that might create a big dent in our budget, as well as create a time commitment we have trouble meeting. So, I have to decide…

This week I was wrapping up the girl scout cookie sales, and so I had to go to the bank almost every day of the week. As a result, I ended up shopping almost every day as well, but it worked out as I think I have been saving money while spending it. 🙂

I have downloaded a few apps on my phone lately, and have been trying to take advantage on the famous “coupon stacking” through them. I have claimed about $2 or so so far. Here are the apps I use – Ibotta, Snap by Groupon, Receipt Hog.

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