Today was a pretty good day. We started the morning a bit late – we slept in. This will probably be one of the last weekends of sleeping in as next week we are starting our swimming lessons on weekend mornings, so we enjoyed today. For breakfast I cleaned the freezer a bit by eating up some of the stuff I had sitting there for ages.

In the afternoon we had pizza and peas and carrots, as well as chicken wings for lunch. For dinner we went shopping and got a grilled chicken, free hash browns and we ate some leftover kale as well. Tomorrow is going to be interesting in terms of food, as I still have to plan my meals for the week, which I haven’t done yet, and my task of trying to clean up the fridge still stays. I think I cannot get ahead in my planning because I am always holding my little baby in my arms, and this precludes me from getting a lot done. Even now, at night, she wakes up every 40 minutes, so doing anything in big chunks of time is practically impossible to accomplish.

In the afternoon we went to the optometrist’s, and got everyone checked out, as well as snagged some sampled of contact lense solutions, and ordered some trial contacts for later. The bill was over 100 dollars, but was paid out of our health spending account which is nice, as you don’t notice that money as much.

Then we went to Snohomish to check out a house we liked, but turned out it had no land whatsoever attached to it. It boasted over 2 acres of land, but ended up being land on a steep hill, very muddy, and marshy, so we decided to pass. The idea is to get some land for animals and crops in the future to be able to grow our own food and be more self-sufficient. We’ll keep looking for now for that land.

Our shopping trip was to Albertson’s, and I was able to only use one coupon today, however I got $10 off $50 for my next trip, so I hope that one will be more productive.

I have also purchased that “Hello Fresh” subscription I was wondering yesterday about. It cost me $34.50 for 3 meals for 2 people, which is about what I spend at home anyway on meals of this amount of products. I will make a comparison for this box in my next post. I have bought the box with my funds from my online wallet, so no out-of-pocket money, which is great! My journey with “Hello Fresh” will be to find out whether the food is great, and whether it is a cost-effective way of cooking.


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