Today, Sunday March 29th was a relaxing day in our household (for most of us anyways). The kids watched a bunch of back-to-back films of “Spy kids”, and as we woke up late, and the baby had a long nap, the time kind of flew by quickly. I haven’t been able to get a lot done in the household unfortunately. I did finish a small work project that I already submitted, and now I can get back to blogging.

Just wanted to note that the kids were able to watch all the spy kids movies through Netflix subscription that we have, and it is a great way to watch movies. We also get free movies that are included with our Amazon prime account, and these two together really substitute TV for us.

This past week I’ve been trying out Red Box. I have borrowed a movie, but haven’t even been able to return it yet, as we haven’t actually finished watching it. I doubt that we are going to become regular Red Box users as it doesn’t seem to be such a great deal for us, but rather drags on due to us having a small baby in the house, and not really getting a lot of time with TV to unwind. Maybe some day…. It can be a good deal, if you have a free Red Box code, and watch the movie right away, and return it, so it really depends, but for us it is easier to borrow or buy movies without leaving the house through our Apple and Amazon viewing devices.

I am still working on my meal plan, this is what I have come up with so far –

Today I have been struggling with some more decisions about vegetable subscription boxes or CSA boxes. I usually receive one, and have been signed up for more than 5 years now, and I love it. We always eat farm fresh produce. I often change the subscription up just for variety, and I get tired a bit of the stuff that one farm gives me. So the summer CSA season is coming up, and I have to decide soon whether I want to sign up with a new service or not. The current box we receive is great, and I will try to feature it in my next tomorrow’s post, but I think it will be more cost efficient to sign up with a new CSA program. The only issue is the delivery, because we are receiving this one at home right now, and if I change the provider, we would have to go and pick it up potentially somewhere else, or we would have to become a pickup site ourselves, which can add a lot of work on a certain day of the week, while right now all I need to do is pick up the veggies from my porch. What to do, what to do…. I have to decide, I guess.



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