Finally I am ready to give my report of the Veg Fest in Seattle we went to last weekend.

We started going three years ago, and we have been going every year. I think this year has probably been the least successful in terms of snagging samples, but we got what we could.

Veg Fest always takes place at the same place near Seattle Center, so we often kill two birds with one stone – visit the Veg Fest, and then go do something in Seattle Center, since there is always tons of stuff to do (and eat there!). This year right after the Veg Fest we went to a French Festin the Armory, which wasn’t that great, but at least we ate some lunch there (we had some poutine, and grilled cheese, and a burger – not as good as I had hoped, but we used a 20% off coupon from our Chinook book coupon book).

This year at Veg Fest we signed up for a membership of Vegetarians of Washington. Here is why –

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– the cost of membership is $35 for a family ($22 individual), we got cards for all 5 of us.

– we received a welcome packet and a free reusable bag (worth $1.00) filled with food (1 loaf of bread $3.99, spreads $2.00, Kambocha 2 bottles $3.98, Vegenaise little container $3.00, Tofu $3.00, 2 ice-creams $1.98, some snack bars like Bean chips $0.75, teas $0.50, sunbutter sample $0.25, 4 granola bars $4.00, fig coffee sample $0.25, Emer-C $0.50, hemp powder $0.50, flaxseed and camu powder $0.50 = $26.20)

– got loads of coupons, the best ones are for free Melt ($4.00), free kombucha ($1.99), free yoga class and 3-day fitness pass (which we probably won’t use), free or 2for1 lunch and dinner coupons for various unknown vegetarian or mostly vegetarian restaurants – probably this would be worth about $15 or so for us, we will probably use at least 1 restaurant coupon for sure

– free Vegetarian Times magazine – I love those

Then we paid $16.00 to enter the Veg Fest itself, because the membership does not give you free access to the Fest, unfortunately.

The Fest was full of free little samples. The difference of this year compared with the previous years is that this year the samples were only mostly bite-size. There was a lot of detox tea samples everywhere which I cannot use now as I am breastfeeding. There was one table with free one sample of granola bars, everywhere else the samples were tiny, which means it does add up to a fairly good snack meal, but we still ended up needing more food and went out for lunch. Usually at the end of these fests I have a whole tote bag full of samples, whereas this time I didn’t get as much. I suppose I still got a lot of coupons, and tried a lot of products, but by the end of it you can barely remember what you had and where, especially since we went with our kids, and that makes you want to go through the whole thing as fast as you can.

I do like this initiative overall. Our new membership comes with an opportunity to eat a discounted meal that Vegetarians of Washington organizes, and I think those cost $15 per person, and are organized monthly. I can’t wait to try the meal in April coming up.


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