I have been receiving quite a bit of free stuff lately, I am not sure if I have updated my blog about it, so here are some pics.

First, a box my daughter made for St. Patrick’s Day to catch a leprechaun.

photo 3 (1)

Next, Annie’s samples I got a few weeks ago. We have been eating quite a lot of Annie’s mac and cheese lately, and the girls had some snacks as well.

photo 5 (1)

I also got my free pillow, bought more Annie’s snacks for the campaign we are doing, and we also got a free Half Time snack box, as well as a new Cooking Light magazine I got for free.

photo 1 (2)


I have been taking part, winning, and doing a lot of promotional sampling campaigns lately, I am so excited I am getting all this stuff, and I can talk about it.

All of these products we are truly enjoying, and can’t thank companies enough for sharing them with us!

I received the pillow through a Smiley campaign I did a few weeks ago. All I had to do was to go to a Sleep Number store and talk to an associate, and then talk about it online. The pillow I got for free retails at about $125.00. If you would like to receive free products to try through doing Smiley surveys, or product trials, here is the link – Smiley!

I have received free Annie’s frozen products, a lot of coupons as part of a campaign I am doing through Green Mom’s Meet website. I set up a party with my friends, and provide these as snacks to try, and then moms give me feedback on how they like the products, and we discuss the products. All there is to it, and you get to have a party, too! To get Annie’s frozen snacks I had to go to the local Target, as these are not carried everywhere yet. I also got tons of coupons for myself, and to share, and a lot of snacks that my kids and their friends have been eating. Here is a way to sign up for Green Moms Meet!




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