Yesterday was a lot of fun!

My kids had two playdates – one for the middle daugher, the other one for the oldest daughter. For the second playdate we went to Everett Skate Deck. They had a lot of fun.

The fun yesterday was an a small budget as well. For the playdate all I did was cut up some fruits and gave them some snacks of Annie’s cheddar bunnies I had. photo 2 (2)I received Annie’s cheddar bunnies snack as a free product as part of a campaign on Green Moms Meet.

The fruits are used were all organic fruits that I get every week in my vegetable and fruit box. This season I am getting a box from Full Circle. I have read their reviews online, and it seems that a lot of people are criticizing them, but I really don’t see that many problems with them. I am pretty happy with this delivery, it’s no worse than others I get, in fact the fruits spoil slower than with some other boxes I have tried. Here is a way to subscribe to Full Circle – you will save 40% off your first subscription farm box when you sign up with the code FCREFER and use my name (E. Hesketh) as your referral.

So, the fruits platter cost me about maybe 5 dollars at the most. All the rest of the playdate was free! The girls played outside, watched some videos, played with toys inside, and then outside again.

In the evening we went to Everett Skate Deck. We don’t tend to go very often but we had a lot of free passes this time, so we invited some friends and went as a group. I gave the free passes to the friends, and I used my new Entertainment Book coupon to get passes for my girls. Cost me $6 for the tickets to skate. So far I spent about 13 dollars on the Entertainment book, and I saved $6, so I just need $7 in savings this year to pay for the book. If I use a $10 off coupon from a trip to QFC, I will be in the green.

At the Skate Deck we also ate pizza, and the girl drank icee drinks. We shared the food with the friends’ family, so we only paid for the pizza which was $17.50. The girls were very excited to have had this fun time with their friends. I am happy we went. The baby behaved well, too, and so it was a good day of fun!

Today we also did some fun activity – we went to a trampoline place. Of course, my middle daughter almost snapped her neck, but all is well that ends well. Now we are home, and everything is fine, and everyone is well. Today we were a bit more splurgy, since they wouldn’t take my coupon, so I had to get two full tickets (bummer!), a pass to a laser maze, and a pretzel to snack on inside. I spent about $34 today on entertainment.

The rest of the week on Mon and Tuesday we mostly just cleaned the house, read books, watched TV, so no other major entertainment. The kids are happy though that they got a break from school, we spent total about $70 on this staycation, and had as much fun as we would were we to go to Hawaii. This weekend they are starting their swimming classes, so I don’t see a lot of difference in terms of Hawaii vs. staycation, to be honest. Certainly no guilt from overspending which I usually get when we go on trips.



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