This week so far I only got a new All Recipes magazine, and a box from Influenster with Carefree products. The latter I haven’t even opened yet, but I am planning to make a video of me unboxing it later on today. I will try to post it on youtube and here as well. Influester is another program that sometimes sends me free products to review. I like them a lot.

I signed up for a few more campaigns through Green Moms Meet this week, but I am not sure if I will be accepted or not. I am trying to review Daya pizzas with my group, as well as a few other products.

I have also received a check of a rebate for my purchase of Zantac I did a few weeks ago, now I have to deposit it to my bank account.

One new program that I have been hooked on for the past three days is Crowdtap. This company has a lot of sampling opportunities and tasks to do, so I have really been trying to do a lot on it, and so far I won one gift card for Amazon, not sure for how much though.

I am still debating which other subscription boxes I should choose to join with all these bits and pieces of money I am collecting so I can start unboxing and reviewing my subscriptions.

My kids are excited about a little chef’s contest, too, and are going to work out some recipes to try to make. It is all very exciting to participate in campaigns, win products, and try new things, we get very much into it!

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