My April plans include trying to stay on budget!

Here is other things I would like to do –

– I will try to post at least 2-3 reviews of products I receive here. I think I have a thing or two to share! Stay tuned!

– I have to finish my knitting project. This has been put off till forever and it is time to get it on!

– I have to finish my tax filings. As I have said in an earlier post, I only have about 3-4 nights to work, it is a minor part that is left to file. I also have to actually mail one portion of taxes, that hasn’t been mailed yet. Those are all due later on in the year, so by the end of April is the deadline I will do my best to get those done by, which I should no problem be able to do.

– I will try to make a list and plan my meals this week. I will work on the next week’s meal planning tonight, and I will try to budget for the next few weeks as well. If I make a list, and stick to it, hopefully, I can reduce my spending.

– This month’s spending has been low so far. I think we went to Costco this past week, already in April probably, but otherwise, it has been doable – not too much shopping. I would like to set up a budget this month for grocery shopping of $400. This is much less than what we normally spend, so we’ll see if we can do it. I will make an updated post in a bit regarding how we have done so far in April.

– I would like to start planning this summer for my family this month. I usually come up with projects for my kids to do, and I want this summer to be about reading, swimming, eating great food, cooking and baking together, learning about crafts, science and music as a family. Let’s see if I can plan it out and stick to it more importantly! I find that we can no longer afford any activities for our kids outside of the house, so I have to be resourceful for them, and fill up our days with stuff to do, and learn. I love summer homeschooling.

– I would like to start a series of posts to tell about my family, and about what we believe in. Later on to come about this….

– I need to research blogging this coming month, and learn more about what I am doing. All this is new to me, and I have to learn as I go. Stay tuned on that as well!

(to be continued)



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