Well, this week has almost come to an end, and I would like to make a post now about my savings, winnings, and receipts this week.

I have participated in numerous surveys, polls this week, and tried to earn as many points as I could possibly earn. It is hard sometimes to know how many points each survey brings you, so you just have to trust that it will be worth while.

This week I made 30 dollars through one well paying survey opportunity. The rest were just points. Some of the points I spent already as they could be used for bids or lottery type prizes, which I did not win – bummer!

I have just received some winnings today from a twitter party I participated and won. This was sponsored by Barbara’s cereals and granolas. So, I received today a plastic shoulder bag, and 5 coupons for free products.

I have also got one sample for an anti-wrinkle product today.

Earlier this week I have received a box from Influenster with a sample of Carefree, which I have not unboxed yet – later on to follow.

I was supposed to also get a new subscription for All You magazine digital edition this week, but I wasn’t able to get it going just yet – hopefully later on tonight or this week.

On spending – today we went to shop at Toys R Us. We bought some toys for the baby – very cute ones from Fisher Price. I hope to make a special post about those later on. We have also cashed in a gift card for my older daughter, and got some baby food at Toys R Us. It is a great place for both babies and kids to shop at, as you can buy toys and even food at the same time, without having to go grocery shopping.

We have also just returned a Red Box video today – and we owed them over $10 as we have kept the video for so long. We figured that Red Box is not for us, and we will try to only watch and buy or rent movies from home, as it is often actually cheaper for our family. I don’t drive, so returning movies on a rainy week, when it took us actually 7 days to fully watch the movie is a hard one.

I have also spent $1 so far for growth of this blog – this came out of my paypal, where I have quite a bit of money saved up, so NBD.

That’s about it as for spending and saving this week!

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