So far my groceries are $71.54 this month. Bought 2 subscriptions, went to Albertson’s. Got a new delivery of veggies for the week.

I have $163.69 left in my budget.

This month I have decided to try to stick to this budget because I am not anticipating any major spending, and I am hoping to rely on meal planning for the next few weeks to help me achieve this particular goal. Now I have more time to put into homemaking, and hopefully it will pay off in the way of savings.

Here is my pantry and fridge so far –

Croissants for breakfast – 2 packs

avocados – 4

Eggos – 36 left

Darigold heavy cream

Beer battered cod – frozen fish

Cheese tray

Sliced cold cuts – 2 types

Beef hot dogs – 1/2 pack

Chocolate cherries

Wildroot snacks – nuts and fruits

Shredded parmesan

Jif peanut butter

2 lbs salad

marshmallows, chocolate chips for baking

shredded coconut


Campbells soup mixes – 2

a jar of hot peppers

white vinegar

red onions



sweet potato




Menu planning for the first week of April –

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