Now that I am back to blogging, I would like to make a post about some websites I check out daily. Sometimes they have free products, fun prizes, or surveys to complete. Sometimes I just read them for information.

I love my Twitter account.

I also check out BzzAgent daily. This website has lots of sampling opportunities.

I most often go to Green Moms Meet website. There are also lots of sampling opportunities, as well as information about healthy products posted.

I like to go to Klout website for sharing.

I also check out Swaggable for new samples. So far I only got one small sample from them, but I have only started a month ago.

Another website I can recommend is Chatabout. I don’t use it daily, but the points there are really easy to earn, they practically are giving the points away! You can cash these points out for real cash.

Another way I am trying to earn money is by doing surveys – here are some of the websites I use –


Mysurvey is another cool site with surveys

Buzzback panel looks great

L’Oreal product testing website is amazing, but I cannot qualify no matter how many times I try

Smiley surveys give me a chance to sample new products – I love it!

Johnson and Johnson friends and neighbors – I am testing it now

Toluna is a website I have been spending a lot of time on lately – I am not sure if it has all been worth it though, but here is the link





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