I have written in previous posts about the freebies I got this week. Here is what I got –

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This week I have received a set of 5 free product coupons from Barbara’s. This company produces cereals and granolas that you can find in your health food/organic food aisle (in fact I saw these today when I went to shop at Albertson’s). I have to admit we are not big cereal eaters in this family, so I have to research Barbara’s products a bit to see what I can get that I would be able to actually use.

I also received a shoulder bag from Barbara’s. Both of these were prizes I won for participating in a Twitter party discussing Barbara’s products through Green Moms Meet – I love this site. They always have so much great stuff they are discussing and sending out to us, I am just amazed!

I also received my first sample from Swaggable website I have started checking out. I received a sample of Furlesse. I am yet to figure out this sample, I think it is used to fix your wrinkles.

I have also received a sample from Influenster this week, and that was a pack of Carefree pantiliners, as well as a coupon of 50 cents off a pack of Carefree liners. This is part of a campaign that Influenster set up to sample the products of Carefree. I have used Carefree before, and I know this is a good product. I have even made my first video I uploaded on Youtube on unboxing the Influenster sample I got – so exciting! Exciting things are happening here – I am learning the technology of posting videos on Youtube! The world must have turned upside down but I am making progress I tell you!

Here is that link to the video.

This is not really the video you would watch over and over again, but this is my first attempt at youtubing myself. I have to admit, I am not the person who likes to take selfies, so any image of myself taped just makes me shiver – I don’t like it. Everyone has his own tastes and things he/she likes, so this advertising of yourself all over the Internet is hard for me to swallow for now, but I am trying to deal with it, and what other topic would be as good of an ice breaker for that as discussing pantiliners!

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