I have so many plans for the coming weeks/months related to my professional growth, learning and expanding that I don’t even know where to start! It can get overwhelming at times when you have all these little things you are thinking about and concentrating on, and you just can’t get ahead.

There is a theory of small deeds that I have read about recently, when people try to get little things done, and that way change situations for the better. I tend to get too bogged down by small little things, and just can’t move forward. However, in the past few weeks I have been noticing more progress in getting things done, and passing those tough projects that have kept me from getting ahead.

Today, for example, I have finally published an ad on Fiverr for myself. I can do translations from English into Russian or from Russian into English, and while I am not sure there will ever be anyone interested, this could potentially bring me some small pocket money type income. I think Fiverr is great for when you need someone to help you with something small, that you still need done, but just can’t be bothered. I have to say that I have never actually hired anyone through Fiverr, but then again I don’t think that the project that I need to get done can be managed to be paid for with just a few dollars.

Well, today I have moved on, since I was able to finally take a step forward with Fiverr, and we’ll see how it goes.

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