Here is what I got just now in my vegetable subscription box delivery from Full Circle. I like these boxes because they are very customizable, and this week I had to tweak the ingredients a little to be able to make it workable for what we like to eat. (Get 40% off your first @FullCircleFarms organic produce delivery. Use my name – E.Hesketh & code FCREFER during sign up. I also like this box because it lets me eat fresh organic produce every day whether that would be vegetables or fruits. I highly recommend this subscription box – I like it, it works for us.

photo (5)

1 green cabbage

1 leek

4 apples

1.75 lbs yams

4 pears

1 broccoli

2 mangos

1.5 lbs zucchini

2 garlic bulbs

1 pt tomatoes

1 rainbox chard

0.5 lbs spinach

Here is my menu planning ideas –

saute cabbage

roast leek and sweet potatoes

apples and pears for snacks and baby food

broccoli boiled

zucchini – make Gordon Ramsay’s sliced marinated zucchini dish – yummy!

chard with soy sauce and cream

spinach salad, and in baking

I got 5 dinner side dishes here – I am all set for the week.

I am planning to get a new delivery this coming week of Hello Fresh box (use my referral code HV9FFC to save $40 on your first order) with 3 meals as well, also I will be getting my new delivery of Plated subscription box. A lot more on cooking to come! I will be sharing our recipes and cooking up a storm with the subscription boxes! Hope to have fun with cooking this coming week!

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