We have had a pretty relaxing day today at home. The kids had an early start with Easter egg hunting, and the baby got a cute sheep today. Then we rushed for swimming classes, went shopping, went to set up an activity for tomorrow. Tomorrow we have to have a letterboxing based meeting with the girl scouts, so we were preparing for that in a park for a while. More on that later.

Then we just relaxed at home most of the rest of the time. My husband painted the new patio table. We had an accident with our previous table that was made of glass and just fell down one day last summer for no apparent reason. The glass shattered, and so we were left with no patio or deck table. These cost a lot (over 600 dollars) generally, and are often sold in sets, so my husband just bought a DIY wooden picnic table that he now painted, and we have somewhere to sit outside now – yey!

The rest of the day the kids just studied for their school. In the evening the girls started preparing for a baking contest they want to participate in. They have got some great ideas, those girls. Hopefully, they can do well!

photo 2 (4) photo 1 (7)

This next week is going to be busy. So, we did a lot of shopping today, and I may have to do more shopping in the coming weeks, but I think we are all right for now. I will be posting my meal plan for the week shortly.

I have also signed up today for 2 new subscriptions – Plated and Blue Apron. I got Plated with 4 meals free deal, so I am going to be getting 6 meals total for $24 dollars, that equals 3 grown up dinners, and then I’ll cook something separately for the kids. I also got Blue Apron subscription of 6 meals as well starting next week, and that cost me $39.96, so twice as much as Plated, we’ll see how it fairs in terms of what I am going to get. Can’t wait to start receiving these subscriptions!


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