Tonight I made a great dinner. Here is the brief.

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I have baked some beer battered cod I purchased last week at Costco ($12.99/2 – I used exactly half a pack).

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Then I made a new agrodolce sauce or relish I saw on Rachael Ray’s program. This sauce I absolutely have to write in my recipe book – it was so good. I will definitely make it again. You need some red onion, some grape tomatoes, some celery. Add olive oil, garlic, some red wine vinegar, or any milder vinegar – I added actually a little bit of orange muscat vinegar from Trader Joe’s (one of my most favorite vinegars ever!), and then I added some Splenda, like 2 teaspoons or so, or you could add sugar. The result turned out amazing with the fish – a winner recipe. The fish with this sauce tasted like it was made in a restaurant. I’d say this recipe cost me about $5.00 or so.

I made mashed potatoes today using those Russet potatoes from Haggen I bought a few weeks ago (thank God potatoes last so long!). I added some roasted garlic today for flavor. Didn’t add a punch but was pretty tasty in the end. The potatoes would be probably maybe $1.00 in cost at the most.

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Then I roasted some asparagus and 2 yams I got from my veg delivery yesterday. I put a bit of chopped leaks on top of those, mixed everything with olive oil. I would say the cost here was $5.00

One of the most epic dinners ever, and took me maybe 45 minutes to make. A lot of chopping, but well worth it. Total cost – about $17.50 for our family, and we have tons of leftovers, so it was really about $4.50 per plate. Hard to beat that!

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