Tuesday was a busy day. I woke up late and wasn’t able to pack proper lunches for my kids, will do tomorrow! Then I had to walk to the post office – did I mention I don’t drive! I walk everywhere around here, and it kind of helps me to stay fit, save money on gas, but it also limits as to where I can get to with a baby in the stroller, and how fast I can get to places.

So, I went to the local post-office, and finally mailed my tax forms and some important mail! Can’t believe that’s over and done with, but I STILL have one more point to do for the taxes this year – keep putting it off!

I also went to Rite Aid, and finally got vitamin D drops for the baby. We have very few sunny days here in Seattle area, so this is a must for now. That took me a bit behind for my budget challenge. I will update on that in a bit.

Here are some deals I found at RiteAid

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I wanted to talk a bit about recycling today. I have been reading lately about some women who are able to have no trash or recycling at all. I just have hard times believing it. The other day for breakfast I had about 6-7 packages I put into recycling, and that’s just for one meal! I just have difficulty dealing with all the trash, and we always have a pile at home I have to somehow deal with. We recycle it, sometimes we upcycle it with projects for kids, but I cannot get rid of most of it. I get it that people buy in bulk, and carry jars with them, but you cannot buy everything in bulk, for example, you cannot buy liquid products in bulk, and you will always end up with mounds of this packaging. I have to come up with more projects to upcycle these. Will put it on my plan!

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My budgeting and savings haven’t been going all that well I have to say. I have already done major shopping trips to Albertson’s and Costco lately in April. I have also purchased a lot of subscription boxes, as well as my usual organic veggies I get every week.

Here is the update on my budget after today’s trip – I have $153.35 left in my food budget. That means about $50 per week in April. Let’s see if we can make it!

It has been only 7 days in April, and I am already almost out of budget. I am going to try to get my points cashed in now to add to my budget, this will be a way for me to get back up. I still have to buy groceries for the rest of the month to feed my family with.

Sometimes I read about these challenges some other people and bloggers take up where they say they have lived on this and this amount of money for a month, and I just have hard time believing it. We haven’t been going out lately, we don’t eat expensive fancy foods very often, and try to utilize as much as we can from our pantry and freezer, and yet we are not really able to catch up to our expenses EVER. I start thinking that those people are not being completely honest, or they know more than I do about savings and living on a budget.

It is possible that the reason that we are not able to catch up with our expenses is that we try to eat organic, clean food that tastes better than constant tacos or rice and bean meals, or chicken with salsa dishes. We just don’t eat that very often.


Today I also went to Albertson’s. I tried to get some deals on meat, as I was able to a few days ago, but unfortunately there weren’t any decent deals at this time.

I used to always go to Starbucks in the past whenever I would leave the house, but nowadays I don’t any more. I save probably about 5 dollars every time I don’t buy coffee to go. One of my accounting professors told us once that foregoing a cup of fancy latte may mean a lot of money saved in the long run. The same for smoking cigarettes. I really can’t afford it, but I don’t smoke anyways.


I tried to join a homesteading guild online today but wasn’t able to – I was denied. I was told that my posts are not really about homesteading. I think they can be! I am yet to talk about my experience fermenting!

I also wanted to post my knitting and spinning project pictures here – more to come and to update.

I am making a onesie right now for the baby. I bought the yarn long time ago, but have been taking my time in making this project.

I am also spinning my first yarn. I bought some wool on ebay, and I bought a spinning wheel on craigslist, and now I am spinning my first yarn. It is quite fun, but I haven’t done much in this project as I have a small baby now I am caring for.

I generally love crafts and being self-sufficient. It is our goal to have our own farm and to become self-sufficient. I hope to be able to make crafts from a hobby to a self-sustaining activity in the future.


My meal planning has been more in the “Wing it” department lately. I haven’t done inventory of what I have, or taken care enough to put it into my spreadsheet. I am hoping to do more of this tonight.

Here is what I still have to do for this post:

post pictures of my projects

update on budgeting, meal planning and April plans


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