On Monday was our Girl Scout day. This time we went to our local park, and my daughter and I had to present an activity of Letterboxing to earn a badge through girl scouts. The girls enjoyed our activity.


As this was the first Monday after Easter we came up with a scavenger hunt in the park first. We hid the clues in eggs, and then kids had to look for the things on their lists. Once the items were all found, we stamped the kids’ booklets with a 4-leaf clover stamp and started telling the kids about letterboxing.


I have never heard about letterboxing before. It is actually a similar activity to geocaching which we love. It may be a bit challenging for children with short attention span, or for grown-ups for that matter.

Letterboxing is about making your own stamps, hiding them in boxes, and then trying to find other people’s boxes with stamps in them, and stamping those into your own passport type booklet. Geocaching is about finding a box, and exchanging some small souvenirs of your own with those in the box. It can be lots of fun, and both activities are very similar in the box and search part of it.

We had fun!


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