One of the great perks of writing about subscription boxes is the ability to actually try some out. I have heard about the Citrus Lane subscription box but I have never tried it yet. I have signed up for their email list, so from time to time I am receiving their ads. I cannot wait to be able to purchase this box for my baby.
One reason why I haven’t purchased it yet is because the baby is very small, and I have a lot of toys she has inherited from her older sisters, and we have accumulated over the years. So far she has been happy playing with the toys that she already has, but I would love to be able to purchase a nice package from Citrus Lane for her some day.

 What a great surprise that would be to receive this one in mail for your little one!
This subscription is really affordable – only 29 dollars a month! We just went to Toys R Us last week to shop for my older daughter, and we bought 2 toys for our baby, and I have to say that Citrus Lane seems like a much better deal. And you get the value of the surprise emotions of opening it and discovering your toys!
I cannot wait to be able to receive and review one! Citrus Lane Join

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