I wanted to share a resource that I have recently found and was asked to review. The website is called MentorMob, and it is full of advice on how to hone your parenting, photography, salsa dancing and even entrepreneural skills. I am actually reading through their photography advice, and I have already learned a lot more about my camera. I have almost finished reading the introductory course on this website in photography, and I have learned about some buttons on my camera that I had no clue about, I have learned about aperture, focus, ISO and even about Lomo cameras that were so popular in Russia when I was growing up.
This resource is great because it is updated by a community of skilled professionals in their respectful trades, and it is, in effect, crowd-sourced. It is also free to use, and that is what I love about it. It is modern, the information is easy to follow, and important to know.
I don’t know a lot about snowboarding or salsa dancing, and I am not particularly interested in those, but I have looked through their parenting information and it seems very reasonable, and would be a great resource for first-time parents. I guess I could learn a thing or two there as well!
I would recommend this to anyone who has some questions that need to be answered, you can join in the discussions, and share what you have to say. Young parents, or hobbyists alike could always learn things there.
I am hoping to see more topics covered, like crafts! My favorite! For now I will study more on MentorMob about how to take pictures, so hopefully my pictures in this blog are going to be improving with time! That’s the idea!
Let me know what you think about this resource and how you are using it in the comments!

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