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I have just had a baby 11 months ago, and now I have to work on losing some of my extra pregnancy weight. It has been a bit of a challenge, since I am definitely not only addicted to subscription boxes, but also addicted to carbs, so I am having a bit of trouble with losing that weight.

We have found that low carb diets are generally good for losing weight fairly easily and quickly, and my husband and I have been working on reducing our carb intake in the last year.

I also find that due to my Middle Eastern/Eastern European background I tend to like to eat food that has not too many ingredients, that is not too processed, and includes a lot of nuts, seeds, raw vegetables, and simple ingredients that haven’t been too muddled with. Therefore, for myself, I like recipes from paleo cooking. I think that this is probably how our ancestors ate, and what I would like to eat. In the last several centuries humans got themselves so dependent on processed carbs, that it is refreshing to see that there is a way of feeding yourself good meals, without compromising your health, and at the same time while getting the proper nourishment.

I like some paleo cookbooks, and I have a few at home. There are also a lot of books available for free on Amazon, and I will be listing a few here now.

I have also found a great resource of Paleo Meals To Go for camping trips, or storage. This is a great way to add easy to prepare Paleo ingredients to your diet on the go.

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