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I have made this picture on Wednesday based on what I had at that time. By now I have collected more freebies, but they haven’t made it on the picture.

I have cashed in now 5 of my free Barbara coupons. I did have to pay some money to get the cereal, as the coupon was maxed at $4.99, and Albertson’s was charging more per box. Oh, well!

This week I have also received a sample from Swaggable of Hemp Hearts. I am not sure how to use them yet, but I will try to incorporate them into something.

I also got a $1 off coupon for olive oil a book of recipes, and a coupon for a free chocolate bar.

There are also a few pads I have received as a sample to review in the picture. This will be coming up.

By now I have also won a Twitter party today through Influenster, but that will be a surprise as to what I will be getting. I have also received a free Better Homes and Gardens magazine today, and a large cheque from Costco for our cashback from all our purchases.

This is about all for the freebies this week so far!

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