Here is one subscription box that is definitely very high on my list. I was going to sign up for it for my kids last year, but ended up not doing it in the summer. I am thinking about signing them up at least for this coming summer, so that they can have fun studying more about the world.

Little Passports sounds like a great box for my kids, it almost seems like it has been created specially for them. By getting this box, they will start off on a fun adventure learning more about the world, and other nations.

We live in the great melting pot of the United States of America, and we meet a lot of different nationalities every day here, we can eat in various restaurants, or cook at home delicious international food. Yet, there is a lot to learn about all of these other nationalities, their culture, and geography, and history of their countries.

Not to mention there is a lot to learn about the United States itself that they don’t do at school that much now. I find my kids learn a lot about specific historic personalities, but not necessarily that much about the different periods of history and everything that comes with it, in other words, we learned history and geography in a different way than my kids are learning.

I think they are not learning enough of history and geography to understand more about all of these other countries, people, and nations that we share our world with. My kids don’t know much about the part of the world I am from, and I am worried about it, and I think programs like Little Passports can help them in acquiring this knowledge that they are not getting at school so far.

This program sounds like a lot of fun for kids, and I think that I will put it on my wish list for now, and probably sign up in May for the kids to start getting it in the summer! I will update once I start receiving my boxes!
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