The Old Farm

This past year we have been thinking and talking a lot about our family’s long-term goals. We want to be able to set up an off the grid household, and try to be as self-sufficient as possible. This will be quite a thing to achieve for us.

Right now my husband has a job, and I don’t. We live on one salary, and we don’t know how to do anything ourselves. Well, I know how to sew a bit, I know how to knit, but I am slow, I know how to cook, and that is probably my one thing I know how to do. But then we don’t know gardening, care of animals, processing of plants and animals, so there is a lot to learn.

Our long-term plan will probably have to be written up some day, and I will definitely update that in my blog. For now, this is what I have found yesterday that we should probably mark in our calendars and see if we can do – Homesteading Skills Intensive. I guess the concern is who is going to take care of our kids while we go for this training, and whether we can take the kids with us. I will write to the farmers organizing it to see whether there are any options for the kids.

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