This past week and the weekend have been hectic. I literally have a ton of little projects I am working on, and I just do little bits here and there but cannot finish these loose ends up! It is getting frustrating! Uggh… How about I tackle each one, one at a time, and get them all done in due course. I have to learn not to stress out over this, or get overwhelmed, but it is easy to do actually when you are starting with a blog like this one….

Last week I won a twitter party through Influenster – a platform I love, and I don’t know yet what I am getting, but something for sure!

I am also getting 2-3 samples of beauty products I am reviewing next week on my site – stick around, tune in…!

I have one product I will be reviewing some time this week!

I was working tirelessly on my recipes this weekend – I will be entering a contest, and I have 3 recipes I have prepared so far, probably will have 1-2 more, just have to work on them this coming weekend!

I have a project I promised to write about that is a craft I am making for my baby – still to come!

I have finished trying out all three food boxes – Plated, Hello Fresh (use code HV9FFC if you would like to order!), Blue Apron – you can vote for your favorites on my blog! I will be writing about these boxes, with recipes, pictures, and store cost comparisons this week!

We are going to a Vegetarians of Washington dinner tomorrow – that will be exciting and fun, especially for my middle daughter who has an issue with veggies I don’t know why…

This weekend other than recipes we took easy, and it was a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors – we have actually had sun in Seattle here!

I will write more in a bit – stick around!

And yes – I now have over 600 followers on Twitter! Who would have thought! Me – 600 people? It is true – check me out!

Like always, this post contains affiliate links that help support my blog!

This post may contain affiliate links.

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