So, yesterday we went to the Vegetarians of Washington dinner party! We had to drive to it for 1 hour and 20 minutes, and then about 50 minutes back, so that was one thing.

It was held in Mount Baker’s Club, which is a nice facility, and the facility was able to hold everyone – lots of space, great big windows and even ballet bars along the sides, parquet floors.

The tables at the dinner were nicely set – perfect tablecloths, nice comfortable chairs. The hosts were very welcoming, and gracious. We were welcomed very well for our first vegetarian dinner. The cost was 15 dollars for members, half for kids, so we paid about 49 dollars with tax in all. This is about what we would usually pay in a cheaper type restaurant for the family.

There were no drinks other than water, coffee, and tea. That was ok though.

Now for the grain of salt! I think the food was all right, but not great. It tasted like just several stir fries with veggies, tofu. There were also rice and noodles with veggies. No fresh veggies, no fresh fruits. We were told there is a dessert at the end, but all it was was just Odwalla bars that they probably had leftover from the Veggie fest. An Odwalla bar is a snack for me, not a dessert. Then they ended up with a lot of leftovers that they offered to everyone to have, and most people packed the leftovers for themselves away. We didn’t take any.

The whole atmosphere reminded me of a meal at an old-fashioned Soviet resort, with the parquet floors, large windows, white tablecloths, and older people as patrons. I think there were a few people of our age, and only one other child. I felt a little out of place, and I personally didn’t like the meal. My husband got two helpings, and even my veggie hating daughter are some noodles and rice.

I think overall I was disappointed. My husband said that was what he expected. I for some reason assumed the food would be a bit more elevated. I thought we were getting a deal. I thought we would be getting upscale vegetarian meal. I haven’t really done research about it, and it seems that Vegetarians of Washington are not particularly proud of these meals, as they don’t seem to be publicizing a whole lot about them online.

I just think of all the choices available for a meal, be it even a takeout meal, this may not have been the best for my liking anyways. Most people seemed to have liked it well though.

I think we will not go again. But I do like to support this organization, and I am thankful for their support of vegetarianism.

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