I have come across a company lately while browsing the net, and I was so amazed with what they do that I decided to start writing here about it. This company is called Cryoow is from Bali, and they make the most amazing dolls for kids. They will take a drawing of a doll by your child, and will turn it into an actual doll. The service is a bit pricy, but comparable with American Girl Doll prices which I don’t know why are so popular.

Cryoow will make you a one of a kind handmade doll – talk about dreams come true for your child! The resemblance to the pictures in the handmade dolls is stunning. The idea is new and great! I have never seen this product before, and I really like it.

I think when my baby A grows up a bit to the age when she can draw more or less decently, I am totally getting her this doll!

I love the message of this website, too. They actually show pictures of their workers who sew these dolls. They employ women of Bali and pay them living wage, let them work in good conditions, and are proud to show their workshop on the website. Great, since most of the other times what we see is nothing of workshops, or we see stock photos.

11052495_854537517937392_6452100234092207873_nHere is my message to you – this is the kind of business we should support in the 21st century. These dolls and people who make them have a soul, people! The dolls don’t look perfect, and they are not supposed to! This is my number one product for a child!

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